About the Author

My name is Ryan Vacek. I am a certified peer fitness trainer through the International Association of Firefighters and American Council on Exercise, and the wellness/fitness coordinator within my departments. I am currently a lieutenant in both the Westlake and Jollyville Fire Departments. I have been working with Central Texas firefighters in the field of exercise and fitness for twelve years.
It has been my goal to successfully develop a training program to help firefighters overcome the challenges and physical demands they face when operating on the fire ground.

I have been a huge sports fan all my life, playing any and every sport possible as a kid. I focused heavily on football and basketball in high school and into college. In college, I majored in kinesiology and exercise science. Fitness and sports have always been very important to me, then as an athlete and now as a firefighter.

The Fire Athlete Fitness Program combines the two things I love, athletics and firefighting and what it has been able to accomplish is extremely special. At the same time, I stress that as a firefighter, you are ultimately responsible for your own performance. Don’t wait; take the first steps to becoming a Fire Athlete today!